Current Projects

I am currently involved in several projects. One project studies security strategies in networked domains, with security scenarios modeled as Stackelberg games. In another project co-authors and I have developed a new way of understanding complex systems (mostly focused on engineered systems) that is based on decentralized decision making. A third project involves an in-depth mathematical study of dynamic properties of Boolean networks, particularly focused on identifying properties that predict when the behavior is chaotic or quiescent. A fourth project involves a novel framework for strategic analysis of repeated games, with a focus on interdependent security. (more...)
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Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Vanderbilt University

Research Interest

Most of my research work crosses disciplinary boundaries. My technical background is in Artificial Intelligence, with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan under supervision of Michael P. Wellman. Much of my work is in Multiagent Systems, on the intersection of Computer Science and Economics (especially Game Theory). For example, game theoretic techniques can be used to form predictions about how agents will react to changes in an engineered multiagent system. Alternatively, these techniques may be used to assess the relative value of alternative strategies to play when designing a software agent for a competitive environment (such as an agent for a Trading Agent Competition). A lot of my recent work also uses game theory to compute defensive strategies in security settings. (more...)
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